Saturday, August 30, 2008

More pics from Guam

Hey everybody - everything is going well here in Guam. Between work, homework, and training, I pass the time here...and now we're a couple weeks closer to time to come home. Here's a few pictures of the island from the air and some from a hike we went on this weekend.

Here are engines #1-4, with Ritidian Point and Northwest Field (the old B-29 airfield) in the background at the closest part of the island.

Andersen AFB is on the left, Tarague Beach in the middle, and NW Field on the right. You can see the whole island of Guam in this picture.

Here I am at Tarzan Falls, which is located in the south-central part of the island. It was pretty hot, and because the trails weren't labeled well, it took us about 7 miles of hiking round trip to see this waterfall. It was pretty cool, though.

Here's my artistic picture of the falls.

Afterwards, we were lucky enough to scrounge up some food at a local establishment.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Baxter Rolled Over!

I am so excited that Baxter finally rolled over!  And he did it on his 4 month birthday.  In retrospect I shouldn't be in such a hurry to see him become mobile as it will only get harder to keep track of him, but it sure is fun seeing him do new things!  I was walking in to the room when he rolled over the first time and then quickly got the camera to catch it the second time.  Aunt Sarah was here this past week and did such an amazing job taking care of Baxter.  I'm so blessed to have such wonderful family who truly go out of their way to help me out.  Hope you enjoy these videos of Baxter loving to do new things.

Baxter Rolling Over


Baxter swinging in his jumper when uncle Nelson came to visit

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Hafa Adai!

Hey everybody - Hafa Adai! That's the common greeting here in Guam. I'm settled in here now and working, working out, and studying. I can't wait to get home to Abbey and Baxter. Guam is a pretty island, as you can see in some of these pictures.
This is the Bryce Canyon as seen from the air.
Just cruising.
Here's the Marshall Islands - pretty cool to see after nothing but water for hours and hours.
And Wake Island.
This is Tarague Beach, right on base here - I rode my bike down from our house to see the water.

Here's the view looking over the cliff to the water, running distance from the house.

Our house is here, down by the golf course - we're about 6 houses away from the fairway, though.

Here's our house - four of us live here.
Here's the view from the driveway - if you look between the houses, you can see down to the water. We're right across the street from the gym and the dining hall, so our location is pretty convenient. As you can tell, this is a little rougher than Matt's deployments...he had it easy.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Baxter's Bed

I know its been a while since I posted but I have been soooooo busy with work.  Baxter and I are missing Warren but we know that one more day without him is one more day closer to him coming home!!!  Warren's parents came to visit and help take care of Baxter when I had to work over the weekend.  They took some great pictures of Baxter and also sent some that we took before Warren left.  We had a great time with Nelson when he came to help us out last week and we can't wait for Sarah to come this week.  Hope you all have a great week and that we can talk to you or see you soon.

Our little guy loves to stand up!

We love it when Gemma and Pop come to visit

Here's some pictures of the crib Warren built.  Warren finished it about 3 days before he left and I absolutely love it.  He did such a great job.  The wood came form my grandfather and Warren has been working on it since about March.  It turned out beautiful and will be such a precious piece of furniture for our family to enjoy.  I have the most talented husband and I am so proud of him.

As you can see Baxter sleeps so good in his crib! Thanks Daddy!

He's becoming so strong and curious.  He loves to push up and look all around.

What a handsome guy!

Baxter got some adorable swim trunks and while Warren was still here we went swimming in the baby pool Gemma and Pop got us.

What a great way to cool off during the hot summer.