Sunday, May 17, 2009

Quick Update

We headed back to Alabama last week to visit family and then to Panama City, FL for Warren to do a half-ironman race. I'm so proud of Warren and how talented he is. He did AWESOME and I'm so amazed at how tough he is. I'm pretty proud of Baxter as well. He is such a thoughtful son and decided to learn to walk on Mother's Day (video to come later)!  It was great to be with family when we had such an exciting milestone. We had fun with all the family and really enjoyed GiGi and Granddaddy's new lake house and boat. We can't wait to go back!

Here's Emma Kate, Alice, Nelson, Presley (Nelson's girlfriend), me, Baxter and Warren up at the lake house on Smith Lake

Emma Kate enjoying the boat ride with Alice

Emma Kate is the FEARLESS tube rider- STANDING UP!!! while riding with Alice and GiGi

Baxter riding with Daddy on the boat (still need to adjust to wearing the life jacket)

Mason and Alice-  he was so cute laughing at his mommy!

Panama City Beach, FL- Baxter's first trip to the beach!

His face speaks volumes!  It may take another trip before he loves the beach as much as his parents do!

Baxter and mommy waiting for daddy to finish the swim part of the race


Heading out on the bike after the swim- I had to book it off the beach (carrying Baxter, diaper bag, towel, toys and breakfast) to catch this shot before he left the transition.  Maybe I should have gotten a medal too!

After the race- we're so proud of you Warren!

3 other guys from Warren's work did the race (Will, Chris, Chris, Warren, Baxter) and they all did a great job!

On our way back from Florida we stopped in to see Pappa and Helen

Mother's Day-  I know I'm prejudiced but don't I have the most handsome, sweetest little boy!

Just before the rain rolled in!

What a good lookin' family

Me and Emma Kate- she is growing up into such a sweet little girl

Best buds (Mason and Baxter)- it's hard to believe they are only 5 months apart in age- what fun they will have together.