Saturday, April 25, 2009

Happy Birthday Baxter!

Well I finally found my cord to download pictures from my camera!!! We had a wonderful Easter quickly followed by Baxter's first birthday. It is amazing that a year has gone by so quickly since God blessed us with our sweet son. Baxter is growing up so fast and is learning something new everyday. He is such a loveable sweet child and we are thankful every day that he is our son. Baxter was a little under the weather with a cold then followed by an ear infection. All along he was getting teeth and over the past month went from no teeth to 5! We hope you enjoy the pictures!

This boy absolutely loves swinging...

...and his daddy!

The Alexanders drove through Shreveport and it was great to visit with them

For the past year Baxter has been staying with Lisa during the day in her home with her kids and one other child.  Lisa and her family are moving back to the mission field in Africa and will be greatly missed.  This picture is from Baxter's last day with Aunt Lisa.  William and Mariama (left) are Lisa's kids and Nathan (right) is another child that she keeps.

Here is our pitiful attempt at dying Easter eggs!  Baxter was NOT having fun!

Here's the little man with his Easter basket. 

Baxter's 1st birthday cake!

Singing Happy Birthday

He finally got the hang of eating the cake and loved grabbing handfuls

Our friends Mary Linnea and Riley loved helping Baxter open presents

Look at our crazy teeth

He has some big shoes to fill

Here's one more tooth and since this picture one more has come through making 5

Here's little man trying to help put together the table and chairs his GiGi and Grandaddy gave him for his birthday.