Saturday, October 31, 2009


Well I'm not sure anyone checks the blog anymore but I finally had some down time and thought I would update for anyone that still checks it (Mom, Sarah, Alice)! Baxter is growing up so fast and is so very busy! Talking all the time and running around the house. I'm glad I have a chance to get used to the business before baby Carroll#2 makes his or her great entrance in April! That's right, we're officially crazy! They will be exactly 2 years apart and hopefully Warren and I won't lose our minds in the process of having 2 kids. I've been busy working as a private pediatrician here in town and love my new job. God has truly provided blessing after blessing and my job is just one of many. Warren has stayed busy with training for his ironman and work which means he isn't home a lot but we love that we can talk to him on video webchat when he's far away. Warren completed his ironman in September and we are so proud of him. He had a little wreck on the bike portion but thankfully nothing too bad. Maverick (our yellow lab) is adjusting to life as a single pet (Hunter our other lab unfortunately passed away in September) although having surgery to remove his dew claws has provided its fair share of setbacks! We've been busy with Halloween festivities lately and some pictures to show off our costumes (superman one day and a dinosaur the next).

Here is the McGough clan up at the lakehouse this past August- we had so much fun!

What cutie pies! (Baxter, Emma Kate, and Mason)

Baxter's first haircut by GiGi- he sat so still, I was impressed!

GiGi and Baxter post-haircut

Warren during the marathon part of the ironman and showing off his road rash from the crash on the bike portion

Warren after the race (12 hours long). I'm married to a real IRONMAN!

We were all tired after such a long day. It rained so much the night before and morning of that thought about stopping the race because of flooding but decided to go ahead with the race anyway. It made for some yucky, muddy conditions but nothing a shower couldn't fix!

The wonderful men in my life!

Gemma and Pop came to visit last weekend and we got to go to a pumpkin carving party

Baxter got to wear his halloween costume to school- he was pretty excited.

We went to a halloween party last night and this time he wore his dinosaur costume-too bad he came down with a fever and we had to go home early.

That's all the pictures and updates for now but hopefully I won't be so slow about updating next time!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Quick Update

We headed back to Alabama last week to visit family and then to Panama City, FL for Warren to do a half-ironman race. I'm so proud of Warren and how talented he is. He did AWESOME and I'm so amazed at how tough he is. I'm pretty proud of Baxter as well. He is such a thoughtful son and decided to learn to walk on Mother's Day (video to come later)!  It was great to be with family when we had such an exciting milestone. We had fun with all the family and really enjoyed GiGi and Granddaddy's new lake house and boat. We can't wait to go back!

Here's Emma Kate, Alice, Nelson, Presley (Nelson's girlfriend), me, Baxter and Warren up at the lake house on Smith Lake

Emma Kate enjoying the boat ride with Alice

Emma Kate is the FEARLESS tube rider- STANDING UP!!! while riding with Alice and GiGi

Baxter riding with Daddy on the boat (still need to adjust to wearing the life jacket)

Mason and Alice-  he was so cute laughing at his mommy!

Panama City Beach, FL- Baxter's first trip to the beach!

His face speaks volumes!  It may take another trip before he loves the beach as much as his parents do!

Baxter and mommy waiting for daddy to finish the swim part of the race


Heading out on the bike after the swim- I had to book it off the beach (carrying Baxter, diaper bag, towel, toys and breakfast) to catch this shot before he left the transition.  Maybe I should have gotten a medal too!

After the race- we're so proud of you Warren!

3 other guys from Warren's work did the race (Will, Chris, Chris, Warren, Baxter) and they all did a great job!

On our way back from Florida we stopped in to see Pappa and Helen

Mother's Day-  I know I'm prejudiced but don't I have the most handsome, sweetest little boy!

Just before the rain rolled in!

What a good lookin' family

Me and Emma Kate- she is growing up into such a sweet little girl

Best buds (Mason and Baxter)- it's hard to believe they are only 5 months apart in age- what fun they will have together.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Happy Birthday Baxter!

Well I finally found my cord to download pictures from my camera!!! We had a wonderful Easter quickly followed by Baxter's first birthday. It is amazing that a year has gone by so quickly since God blessed us with our sweet son. Baxter is growing up so fast and is learning something new everyday. He is such a loveable sweet child and we are thankful every day that he is our son. Baxter was a little under the weather with a cold then followed by an ear infection. All along he was getting teeth and over the past month went from no teeth to 5! We hope you enjoy the pictures!

This boy absolutely loves swinging...

...and his daddy!

The Alexanders drove through Shreveport and it was great to visit with them

For the past year Baxter has been staying with Lisa during the day in her home with her kids and one other child.  Lisa and her family are moving back to the mission field in Africa and will be greatly missed.  This picture is from Baxter's last day with Aunt Lisa.  William and Mariama (left) are Lisa's kids and Nathan (right) is another child that she keeps.

Here is our pitiful attempt at dying Easter eggs!  Baxter was NOT having fun!

Here's the little man with his Easter basket. 

Baxter's 1st birthday cake!

Singing Happy Birthday

He finally got the hang of eating the cake and loved grabbing handfuls

Our friends Mary Linnea and Riley loved helping Baxter open presents

Look at our crazy teeth

He has some big shoes to fill

Here's one more tooth and since this picture one more has come through making 5

Here's little man trying to help put together the table and chairs his GiGi and Grandaddy gave him for his birthday.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

We've been having fun!

It has definitely been a while since we posted so I'll have to fill you in on what we've been up to. Work was pretty busy for both Warren and me during January as well as February which made our down time at the end of February much needed. Our friends Mackey and Mickey added a new addition to their family, Brady Michael Quinlan. He is adorable and we are so happy for our dear sweet friends. GiGi came to visit during Feb and while she was here Warren and I found out we had some time to take a vacation. All the grandparents excitingly offered to keep Baxter and so Warren and I headed off to Ambergris Caye, an island off the coast of Belize. We had a blast and highly recommend it to anyone planning a vacation. On our return from Belize it was snowing in Birmingham! This of course was Baxter's first snowfall and we had a blast introducing him to the snow. We were home for about 5 days and then off again to Birmingham for our friends Christi and Chi's WONDERFUL wedding. Following the wedding we visited GiGi and Grandaddy up at their new lakehouse. We can't wait to spend some time there this summer.

We had a great time on New years and let the kids see some fireworks

Warren and I did the Dustbuster Duathlon- at least we finished!

Mackey and Mickey's baby shower!

Brady Michael Quinlan is here!

We saw Pappa while we were in Birmingham

We also got to have dinner with our friends Jan and Kert on their way through Birmingham

Here we are on our boat going from San Pedro, Belize to our resort

This is our room at the resort which was quite romantic!

Here's a shot up the coast of Ambergris Caye- it was absolutely beautiful!

We went snorkeling this day and swam with sharks, sting rays and eels

We then caught a couple fish of our own

The flowers were true to any tropical island paradise, fresh flowers in our room everyday!

This is the front of our resort

Baxter's first snow!

A little tired from traveling but good to see our Baxter

Our friend Dale came to visit for a night- we just wish we could have seen Holly too!

Beautiful Christi Perkins Hu and her handsome groom

Baxter apparently loves giving flowers, we're raising such a gentleman!

Baxter loved playing on the pool table at Gigi and Grandaddy's lake house