Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Arizona or Bust!

We had a fantastic time on our trip out west. Warren , Baxter and I loaded up in the car and drove to Yuma, AZ to visit my sister Alice, her husband Matt, and their two kids Emma Kate and Mason. It was such an awesome trip and the week we spent together just makes us all wish we lived closer together. Here's some pictures of the kids and all the fun stuff we did. We went to San Diego and visited the zoo one day and then of course we hit the park there in Yuma. We were able to meet several of Alice and Matt's friends and they were so sweet and welcoming. We can't wait for another visit although next time we might fly (not quite as many hours in the car). I will post some videos as soon as I can download them - having technical difficulties.

They had fun playing together although Baxter's still figuring how this whole playground thing works

Baxter and Emma Kate having fun at the park (he's not really that much smaller than her!)

Our family at the pier in San Diego (Seaport Village)- Baxter's first sight of the ocean

Fun at the San Diego Zoo can be so exhausting!

Emma Kate was great about petting the goats - as long as Daddy was nearby

Long day at the zoo!

Alice and Abbey in front of the 17 year old Giant Panda - the exhibit asked for silence and so we rushed the kids through very quickly just waiting for one of them to scream or shout...gotta love having kids

Emma Kate really had fun watching the monkeys - she called everything a "mooonkee"

Getting all 3 children sitting in one place with the eyes open and not crying is DIFFICULT!

Now you can really see how big Baxter is!  He may be her younger cousin but he's definitely not smaller.