Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Growing Up!

Baxter is getting so big so fast and I'm sure it will only keep feeling faster. He's holding his head up and really making eye contact now. I keep trying to coax out an intentional smile but no luck yet. We'll definitely keep trying. We hope everyone had a great Memorial Day. We went to Caddo Lake (close to Shreveport) with some good friends, the Sugars. We really enjoyed ourselves and are so thankful to have such good friends. Here's some more pics from our trip back to Birmingham and some from since we've been back in Louisiana.

Emma Kate having fun with GiGi's glasses

Emma Kate driving us back to Birmingham!!!

Emma Kate and our friend Riley (they had a great time playing together)

Warren, Easton and Baxter- the guys just hanging around

Baxter and his aunt Jan

Erin "Giesa" and Emma Kate "Tater" playing with the car

Saturday, May 24, 2008


Sorry we haven't posted in a while but hopefully we'll get better. We went to Birmingham and had a great time getting to see friends and family. Alice and Sandy Mulvaney threw a wonderful baby shower and of course Baxter stole the show (even though he slept through the whole thing!) We had a great first Mother's Day and we were able to spend some time with both GiGi and Gimma. Warren had to come back to Shreveport a few days earlier so Baxter and I stayed in Alabama and went to visit Pappa (Abbey's grandfather) with Alice and Emma Kate. Alice, Emma Kate, Nelson (Abbey's brother), Abbey and Baxter then drove back to Shreveport for a week of fun in Louisiana. Emma Kate had a great time with the "baaa-beee" which is what she calls Baxter (it is so cute!) and Alice and Abbey had a wonderful time getting to spend time with each other even if it was crazy busy with 2 young kids. We want to thank everyone for making such big efforts to see us while we were in Birmingham and for those we didn't get a chance to see we hope it won't be too long before we can visit with you!

Here we are at Pappa's house

Warren and Baxter all painted up!

Erin Harkey in town all the way from New York City

My old roommate and longtime friend Katie Beaton

Baxter, his aunts and 2 of his girlfriends Emily and Emily!

Some pics from the shower (thanks Sandy-your house is beautiful)

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

19 Days Old!!!

We have now been parents for 2 and 1/2 weeks! We're getting the hang of 3am feedings and changing diapers, but it seems you can never fully wrap your mind around how much you love this new little person. We can't fully describe how much we love him and we can't thank God enough for him. Abbey and Baxter had their first day at home together after GiGi left and Warren went back to work. Everybody survived but was even more thankful for all the help they have had over the pat couple weeks. Here's some pictures of our week, we hope you enjoy. We can't wait to see everyone in Birmingham this weekend and for everyone to meet Baxter!