Thursday, September 18, 2008

New Talents!

Our little guy is growing up so fast and I wanted to share with everyone his new talents.  He has started trying to hold his own bottle and to stand on his own (holding onto something of course).  He's only 5 months old and it seems like he's growing up so fast.  We're ready for Warren to come home so he can be here for all the other fun new things Baxter's learning to do!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Fun Times

We've been busy these last couple weeks. Baxter and I went to Memphis, TN to visit our friends Jan and Kert and do a 5K road race. We had a blast and really appreciate their hospitality. Jan and I boxed on the Wii while Kert laughed and took pictures. Kert also took us for a slow ride around the neighborhood in Jan's dad's convertible mustang. This past week GiGi has come to visit and we have loved having her here. We went to the SciPort Discovery Museum with our friends (Mackey, Riley, Riley's GiGi (Mrs. Sugar), Jessica, and Avery). Baxter loved watching all the activities and getting his picture taken. He is also practicing sitting up and getting very good at it I might add. We can't wait to meet our new nephew/cousin Mason and we want to congratulate Alice and Matt on their new son!

Jan ran with her niece Elaine and I ran with Baxter, the kids were so great and really seemed to enjoy the run.

Elmo was a little scary

Jan was definitely better at boxing than me, we had so much fun

He's getting so big and of course already trying to learn his numbers, haha

Maybe we've found a future construction worker or...

an astronaut??!!

Riley loved petting the animals

Our little musician!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Baxter Laughing!

We miss you Warren! While Warren's been gone I have been trying to capture all the new things Baxter does on camera so that Warren doesn't miss anything. This week I found out that Baxter is ticklish and had to catch it on video to share. Some of the pictures are from when my sister Sarah visited and helped us out. Hope you enjoy the pictures and the video!

Here's Baxter with his aunt Sarah- thanks for coming to see us!

What a beautiful smile

All the "boys" enjoy getting to know each other better! (under very careful supervision)

Baxter has started reaching out for things and Hunter just froze and didn't know what to do

Our little acrobat loves to lie halfway upside down; when he gets in this position he just talks to himself and laughs, its really cute

Here's the video of Baxter laughing, just ignore the goofy looking mommy in the video!